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Is the ECR project heading for the dustbin?

The Commons Public Accounts Committee has deemed the Government’s plans for NHS Electronic Care Records (“ECR”) was “unworkable" and the government should scrap the project. To many, especially those with an ear to the ground within the NHS, this comes as no surprise. To many others the fact that it would mean that some £2.7 Billion will be wasted is still less of a surprise, given the spending of the last administration, at least in the opinion of Andrew Lansley MP!


Margaret Hodge MP has stated that a “one-size fits all” system simply will not work. The Guardian today has suggested that the reasons for this appear to be largely logistical.


Surely though, we as personal injury and clinical negligence lawyers should see this as a great shame. The disparities between the various electronic GP records and the fact that most hospitals work entirely with paper records, has to be seen as greatly inhibiting the effective assessment of litigant’s injuries.


Is this an opportunity missed or one which should never have been attempted? 

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